Who is Simko


Started my adventure in software development with a Commodore 64 buyed by my daddy. I programmed a little bit then I forgert computer for a while because working with tapes and regulations seems to me a pain.

Later my dad bought an amiga 64 and while my brother played with that computer, in some monthes found a helicopter game that was amazing and started to play with it and explored the Amiga Workbench as my first desktop environment (if I can call that environment a desktop).

Later my dad bought a pc and as always it took me some times to find a way to use it, but once I starded playng with settlers 3 I almost never stopped to work and study pc until now.

But the real origin of my passion about computers was the advice of my cousin to start studing computer science to get a work with.

The first 15 years

My first bunch of jobs was to do some free html editing for an association and for a local web agency based in Cesenatico.

Then I spend some times learning some basics and playing around and to ocasionally work in other fields (postman, waiter, in the Olidata production line and as metalworker) trying to get a work in IT.

The chance to work on IT arrived in 2014 and spent some times learning and working on Miscrosoft products.

I thought the world ends where Microsoft ends, but in 2015 I found a way to escape that jail.

The freedom

Open source opened also my mind and gave me the ability to became aware of the internals of software development and of an hidden universe of opportunities.