Testing gatsby

This is my test blog

Here you will find nosense phrases and nosense sentences, is just a test netlify blog

Hanno vari soprannomi che io e e la mia compagna gli abbiamo dato nel tempo. Mushone e mushita, musho e musha, tommone e mimmina, maramao e mimmita, alcuni dovuti a dei loro comportamenti particolari, alcuni per evidenziare il nostro senso delle cose, sempre in mutamento, come il nostro amore reciproco e verso di loro che si evolve sempre verso qualcosa di meglio e più stabile. Ma anche per evidenziare il nostro non sapere dare un nome certo alle cose ed un senso unico alla vita.

Test blog,

Loro sono il risultato più grande del nostro amore, come due figli ai quali donare ogni affetto

I worked almost 2 years in my spare time on Okgrazie and I learnt too much things about the path that needs a programmer to call himnself a good programmer. I don't think to be a problem solver and in Math I am not too much acquainted. The biggest thing learnt was that big dreams are too big for humans.

First of all I faced the lack of material resources. Got a usb key with 1 Gb of internet traffic per month to navigate the web. I hadn't a smarphone, nor a solid technological base. I was all by myself and the future was an ingocnito I desn't follow youtube or some courses to gain a good understanding. All was based on Windows. I doesn't follow HN. All this because my English was poor and it was 2 years that I doesn't use a PC. I doesn't have a solid idea of software development nor open source. All source control was file/folder based.

But I sarted from scratch and in 2013 I kept up and running this http://www.okgrazie.it for about 3 years. Never had serious server or security issues because I studied a lot and I resolved every little issue whaen I faced them. All on a single VPS, all by myself. Frequently in these years I searched for SEO and some editors to help me but none was available for a project just born and without funds. Although I can understand that free working and free trust for a project managed by someone else was a bad idea without guatantees of a wealthy future.

I gave a good computer for a template layout, I asked my boss to join my business and finally in 2016 I put it offline for not pay VPS fee. Now I discovered open source and I want people look at my dream. I know, too much things are broken but I want to keep alive that work.

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