OkGrazie, an ex classifieds website

Made in Visual Basic, C# and SQL Server

Why OkGrazie

OkGrazie was designed to compete with major classifieds websites, carefully optimized for speed, and I was introducted to secure a website and a webserver.

OkGrazie introduces me to small/medium sized projects

In 2011 I wanted to introduce me to a serious programming path, and I starded to searching for some business to not waste my time. I found that free classifieds were a good start and I thought (wrongly) that it was an easy business at that time to start with.

I worked almost 2 years in my spare time on OkGrazie and I learnt too much things about the path that needs a programmer to call himnself a good programmer. I don't think to be a problem solver and in Math I am not too much acquainted. The biggest thing learnt was that big dreams are too big for humans.

First of all I faced the lack of material resources. Got a usb key with 1 Gb of internet traffic per month to navigate the web. I hadn't a smarphone, nor a solid technological base. I was all by myself and the future was an ingocnito I desn't follow youtube or some courses to gain a good understanding. All was based on Windows. I doesn't follow HN. All this because my English was poor and it was 2 years that I doesn't use a PC. I doesn't have a solid idea of software development nor open source. All source control was file/folder based.

But I sarted from scratch and in 2013 I kept up and running this http://www.okgrazie.it for about 3 years. Never had serious server or security issues because I studied a lot and I resolved every little issue whaen I faced them. All on a single VPS, all by myself. Frequently in these years I searched for SEO and some editors to help me but none was available for a project just born and without funds. Although I can understand that free working and free trust for a project managed by someone else was a bad idea without guatantees of a wealthy future.

I gave a good computer for a template layout, I asked my boss to join my business and finally in 2016 I put it offline for not pay VPS fee. Now I discovered open source and I want people look at my dream. I know, too much things are broken but I want to keep alive that work.

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